Best Workouts for Obese People

Fitness is a very important aspect for people of all ages. To stay fit and healthy, most people follow a strict diet and fitness regime. For obese people, fitness is almost a challenge. Over-weight people need to practice an even stricter fitness regime so that they can maintain a healthy and fit body.

Obese people can try the following fitness work-outs to lose weight and also maintain a healthy body weight:

  • Walking: Walking is perhaps the best and easiest exercise for obese people. People who are over-weight need to indulge in at least 30-40 minutes of walking to make sure that they can maintain a healthy body weight. Walking is a low-impact exercise and also helps one to improve the strength and mobility of the lower body. A moderate intensity walk is recommended for people who are over-weight.
  • Aqua jogging: Water exercises can work wonders for people who are obese. Aqua jogging involves running in water with the help of buoyancy belts. Aqua jogging requires a lot of efforts and one can enjoy the benefits of walking as well as running to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Strength training: Strength training can be quite beneficial for people who are obese and over-weight. Strength training can help obese people to deal with postural issues that arise when a person is over-weight. It also helps obese people to increase the range of motion in all joints of the body which otherwise is a problem for over-weight people. Strength training helps over-weight people to improve and increase the rate of metabolism thereby enabling them to burn more calories and lose weight in a quicker manner.
  • Recumbent bike, cross trainer or portable peddler: Biking is a good option for obese people as it helps over-weight people to burn more calories without impacting the joints in any manner. Cross trainers are similar to steppers and help obese people to work on the lower as well as the upper body without impacting the joints. Portable peddlers are small and portable machines that allow obese people to pedal while seated at a chair or desk. These help obese people to strengthen and work on their lower body.
  • Group exercises: Group exercises can be a good option for obese people to carry out work-outs. Group exercises provide obese people with a chance to get motivated to carry out a fitness regime to maintain a healthy body weight.

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