Mandatory questions you must ask your fitness instructor

We all join fitness programs for a reason, by creating a goal, accomplishing which is important by all means. Thus, as a fitness enthusiast, it is your duty to make sure that you choose the correct path and do not get off the track as it might lead you to certain losses. You must also see to it that you are on friendly terms with your instructor so that the correct kind of guidance can be fetched from the same. Since, being honest with your trained is very important, it is better that you ask him/her certain questions at the very initial stage so that you move forward on your fitness journey with a focussed and a clear head.

Take a look at the below mentioned points to know what these questions are:

  • How many minutes do I need to spend on exercising, daily?
  • Do I need to eat proteins or carbs right after my fitness session?
  • What should be my diet chart?
  • What equipment is necessary for me?
  • Which machinery do I need to buy if I want to work out at home?
  • What should be my food routine?
  • How many hours of sleep do I require?
  • At what time should I work out, really?
  • Should I train before or after my work?
  • Where did you get your certification from?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • What do you generally advice as a professional trainer?
  • What are other benefits of working out?
  • How many months will it take for me to get the anticipated results?
  • Which is more beneficial? Outdoor fitness or indoor fitness?
  • Can skipping a day harm my fitness journey?
  • Should I opt for group sessions or prefer working out alone?
  • What stretches should I be doing?
  • What exercises are good for me on a regular basis?

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