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Why WEBercise is an Ideal Wellness Partner:


  • Allows you to boost office morale, increase ROI, and cut costs in the process.
  • Healthier, stronger, and more active employees mean lower healthcare costs, less workplace injuries and sick leave, and enhanced employee productivity.
  • Live, individual attention enables each employee to receive personalized guidance based on their unique goals, injuries, imbalances, and movement patterns. Those who work with personal trainers are 1600% more likely to accomplish their fitness and health goals!
  • We are a location-proof solution. While many wellness programs include gym discounts, many employees feel that the gym’s location(s) aren’t close enough to both work and home, forcing many to forego joining, or purchase two memberships. with WEBercise, your employees can enjoy the benefits of the program no matter where they are, including traveling for business or pleasure.
  • We are a schedule-proof solution. If you were to try to coordinate personal trainers to come to your office, it would likely be costly and difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedules. We recognize that everyone’s schedule and preferred exercise time is different, and that’s why our team has the ability to accommodate workday, early morning, late evening, or weekend training sessions.
  • No equipment necessary! If you have an onsite gym or your employee has equipment in their home, the personal trainer can incorporate it. However, WEBercise really excels because of its ability to give people of any fitness level a masterfully engineered program without the need for equipment. The employee can use their own phone, tablet, or laptop to connect with their trainer. All they’d need is a wifi connection and a few feet of space to move around.
  • Easy accounting. We can easily group all of your employees by a specific code, and report totals to the HR Manager or primary decision maker at the end of every fiscal month.

“Even if you don’t feel like you have the time to exercise, or the right equipment, or whatever excuse you might have, WEBercise helps alleviate those. You can do it from your home and fit it into your schedule. It’s so much more than a gym membership because it’s a relationship that you create with your trainer and they can help you in all facets of wherever you’re struggling. I have more energy to work harder all day and be a better mom at night.”

Amanda – Teacher – Roanoke,Virginia

“When I look at myself in the mirror I feel great. I see definition I’ve never seen before. And beyond how I look, I feel completely different throughout the day. The mornings used to be miserable, and when I used to wake up I had to drink a bunch of coffee to just feel alive. But now after a workout the night before, I wake up and jump out of bed, and walk to work feeling great without any caffeine.”

Nick – NYC Council Chief of Staff – Queens, NY

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